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  Newsletter #1 23 April 2024  

main-menu-bulet-redEfficient production through reduced resource input

Doing more with less – this is the guiding theme for a more resource efficient economy.

The project PRESOURCE financed by the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme aims at making industrial SMEs more resource efficient.

2 major barriers for exploiting the potential for RE can be identified:

  1. SMEs are not aware of their resource utilization, real costs of pollution and the related (cost) reduction potential as well as means to improve it
  2. SMEs have problems in financing necessary investments in eco-innovations in order to exploit their potential to increase RE


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Our understanding of Resource Efficiency ->



To overcome them PRESOURCE aims at:

main-menu-bulet-blueImproved in-house capacity managerial &technological

The EDIT Value tool shall enable SMEs to identify and exploit within their own organization potential for increasing the RE of the production process and products. Opposed to many other tools the EDIT Value tool is “SME-driven” and not “tool-driven”. As such the EDIT Value avoids imposing the logic of one specific tool on enterprises, but is rather a SME-need-driven approach. As a result, it unveils the company’s resource efficiency potentials and defines the most relevant aspects for which measures would lead to significant resource and cost savings. In contrast to most existing tools, it looks not only at products or processes, but also includes business strategy, management procedures and stakeholder interests.

main-menu-bulet-blueImproved knowledge and mechanisms for risk sharing and for financing eco-innovations in SMEs

The Financial Guide is a jointly developed transnational tool to promote innovative financing schemes and encouraging more long-term thinking in politics, business and finance. An Advanced Cost Benefit Analysis Approach shall complement conventional financial evaluation methods by managerial, economic and environmental indicators providing actors in the financing sector (banks, investors and public financing institutions), policy makers and public bodies responsible for development of public funding sources, multipliers (engineering and business associations) and SMEs in the production sector with an easy to use indicator system as well as a good practice calculation scheme for the better transfer of technological knowledge and environmental impact into economic terms.

main-menu-bulet-blueImproved framework conditions:

We want to enable policy makers, intermediaries and multipliers in CE to respond to the EU Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe. PRESOURCE has initiated a Policy and Stakeholder Dialogue to foster a transnational integrated approach to resource efficiency. Transnational PRESOURCE workshops (e.g. on support schemes, instruments, financing or norms & standards) facilitate the exchange of multipliers on efficient support mechanisms. The results from this dialogue are constantly published online on the PRESOURCE Competence Platform. Next to the coverage of the transnational dialogue stakeholders can find on the Competence Platform a wealth of information e.g. on RE actors and activities, a financial guide, publications and good practice cases – all grouped in a “RE Efficiency Atlas for CE”, which allows access by country.




In order to address these issues properly the PRESOURCE partnership, which is lead by the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) from Germany, comprises national decision makers, public authorities, application-oriented research institutions as well as economic and environmental consultancies that apply the tools and policy measures and work directly with SMEs.

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