Transnational Workshop on Innovative Financing Instruments for Eco-Innovation in Central Europe 2.

09 October 2014 09:15 - 15:00

Vienna, Austria

The 6th Transnational Workshop within the PRESOURCE project was devoted to “Innovative Financing Instruments for Eco-Innovation in Central Europe”. The objective of this workshop was to provide new insights into innovative financing schemes and to further discuss practicable indicators for capital providers to measure the economic added value of eco-innovative projects.

In practice, SMEs typically have problems in financing necessary investments in eco-innovations to exploit their potential of increasing resource efficiency. Against the background of declining public budgets and rising capital requirements e.g. in the course of the Basel III regulations, the Transnational Workshop will explicitly shed light on innovative financing instruments to promote alternative financ-ing approaches. Public, private and scientific experts in the field of resource efficiency promotion in SMEs are invited to benefit from and to contribute to the workshop.

Within the workshop, different overviews on financing schemes both for start-ups and for established companies were presented, together with innovative good practice examples. An interactive session pointed out investment criteria, drivers and barriers of the political framework and enable more precisely how to foster innovative financing instruments for eco-innovation in Central Europe.

Draft Agenda


Eco-Investment Round Tables