The competence Platform for Resource Efficiency in Central Europe

It is a one-stop-shop for all Central European stakeholders working in the field of resource efficiency in industrial SMEs. Clearly structured by countries and topics it allows quick access to a wealth of information on how to improve resource efficiency at company level and support on-going policy development processes in this field. As such it is a direct Central European response to the “EU 2020 Resource Efficiency Flagship Initiative” and the “Roadmap for a Resource efficient Europe”.



What can be found at the Competence Platform?

Central European and Country specific Hubs on:

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main menu bulet redThe Resource Efficiency Atlas for Central Europe with country specific guides on (see Austria example):

  • Actors and Activities relevant for Resource Efficiency

As an overall result of the review of actors relevant for resource efficiency in small and medium-sized enterprises of the manufacturing sector and their activities in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Poland (done within the PRESOURCE project in 2013) the following can be stated:   arrow-right blueRead More

  • Financial Instruments for Resource Efficiency Promotion

Based on more than 80 expert interviews in the framework of a market and stakeholder analysis with financial stakeholders that are active in the field of eco-innovation/resource efficiency, the guideline aims to give a comprehensive overview of relevant actors in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Poland.. arrow-right redRead More

  • Other Instruments for Resource Efficiency Promotion   

In the framework of the PRESOURCE project the involved institutions mapped throughout Central Europe existing tools providing support to entrepreneurs and intermediaries in the field of resource efficiency in SMEs in a partner country. This section of the Competence Platform summarizes the findings of this research for Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Poland. It focuses on innovative instruments and tools, which are:    arrow-right greenRead More