Transnational Workshop on Institutional Support Schemes and Structures for Resource Efficiency in SMEs

04 December 2013 09:00 - 17:00

Berlin, Germany

The Transnational Workshop is the second in the PRESOURCE project devoted to “Institutional Support Schemes and Structures for Resource Efficiency in SME”. The objective of this workshop was to provide insights into currently implemented support schemes and structures for resource efficiency in SME and to discuss strengths and weaknesses of support mechanisms. One focus of the presentations and the discussions lied on success factors for reaching the final target group, i.e. SME of the manufacturing sector in Central Europe. Public, private and scientific experts in the field of resource efficiency promotion in SME were invited to benefit from and to contribute to the workshop.

Block A of the workshop focused on support mechanisms at European level, block B focused on the national and subnational level. Different overviews on existing schemes were presented, as well as single exemplary projects. Discussions pointed to possible further developments, enabling more successful activities.

A third Transnational workshop focussing on innovative financing instruments for resource efficiency measures in SME will take place at the Fraunhofer Forum Berlin on 3 June 2014. Learn more about this event.

Impressions from the Event

Agenda and Presentations